Early Riser

This post was originally published on 10th November 2018 and updated on 30th August 2020

I love being the first to wake up, especially at the weekend.

When I first moved in with my now ex, I was always the first to wake and would lie in bed reading or checking my social media until he woke up. He’s not an early morning person, so that would quite often mean I would be vegetating in bed until midday waiting for him to wake.

Just thinking about this gives me a fuzzy head.

We’d get up around midday, shower, eat and wouldn’t be out enjoying the weekend until perhaps 3pm. If we were night owls this might’ve been more understandable. Instead, we were going out for a couple of hours in the afternoon to grab what was left of the day, going home, eating, watching tv and then going back to bed again.

I soon became frustrated at the chunk of the day I was missing out on for not getting up early.

So I started to get up more or less when I woke. I would give myself half an hour extra in bed just to make sure I was fully awake and to let my mind catch up with my body. But after that, I was up.

There are so many things I love about being the first to get up.

I love the silence of the flat, except for the occasional the creaking of the radiators as they splutter into life, and the sound of the early morning London traffic outside.

I love the short walk across my flat to the living room blinds, and being the first to let the daylight pour into the flat, come rain or shine.

I love to be the first to walk into the kitchen to switch the kettle on, followed by the first smells of coffee or a herbal tea.

I love to hear the rest of the world stirring; the sound of people starting to go about their weekend; the local shopkeepers starting to arrive to open up their businesses; the sound of the flats around us waking too.

Yet, despite the sound of the city coming to life, my morning world feels calm, allowing me time to think, giving me the opportunity to reflect on the working week thats just come to an end, or to contemplate the opportunities that lay ahead.

I also find mornings the best time to write.

How do you like to spend your mornings over the weekend? Are you an early riser? Or do you prefer to sleep in, catching up on sleep and rest from the week just gone?

Sunrise in Pushkar

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  1. Mégane says:

    That reminds me when I used to get up early to go for a run outside before heading to work. But in reality , I am a night owl. I mean , even if I sleep early , I still get up late next morning (especially if I don’t use the alarm ) .
    Lately I’ve been noticing that I more or less Wake up at the same time every day no matter when I go to bed,so I thought I ll just try to respect my biological clock , but I am afraid to miss a lot from the early morning .

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    1. That sounds fantastic Megane ☺️ I envy you finding the motivation to head out for a run before work!

      It’s definitely good to listen to our bodies too. I wonder if it’s because we’re all rushing around a lot less these days ✨


      1. Mégane says:

        Maybe that’s why…. anyways working hours of our society aren’t compatible with our internal clock…or should I say clocks….we are probably all different , somw are early riser and some are night owls. I even think that the same person has different cycles throughout the year

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      2. That’s true actually about different cycles throughout the year. I can definitely relate to that

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  2. darellphilip says:

    Thanks for passing by and liking some of my blog posts! 😊🙏💛👊🎉

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  3. Swinged Cat says:

    Totally agree with you. Even on weekends, 7:00 is considered sleeping in. Anything later feels like you’re wasting the day!

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    1. I stretch it until about 8am, but anything later and it starts to feel like a waste. Although it is nice to have the occasional sleep in, especially when the week has been busy ✨

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  4. This was a joy to read! So calming and a good reminder to get up and enjoy those quiet morning hours.

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    1. Thank you so much ☺️ It really is a beautiful way to start the day ✨


    1. Thank you 🙏🏻✨

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  5. Nishant Gang says:

    Which place did you like the most in India?

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    1. I think Pushkar was my favourite. I knew so little about it before I visited, but it definitely captured a piece of my heart 💕✨

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  6. Your post reminded me of the importance of individual differences in a relationship. I think I am (or used to be? not sure…) more like your bf. I would want my bf to stay in bed until later, but after a while he started to get up too like you. Looking back and thinking now through your words… maybe the key is to acknowledge and respect the differences. Yes, sometimes, it’s nice to wake up at the same time… maybe talking about it can be a way to create a balance… but I now have the feeling that no one should change his / her own lifestyle likes because of a partner. There has to be a compromise sometimes, but more often than not we tend to want the other to act just like us… Thank you for sharing, something was ignited on this side 🙂 😊😊

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