A Look Back At April

I know I say this a lot, but I genuinely don’t know where April went! 

It came and went in a flash.

We’re currently enjoying a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and it’s nice to have some time to stop and catch my breath after a hectic month. 

Here’s a little look back at some of the things I got up to in April. 


I was able to enjoy two walks with my Meetup group in April. The first to St Martha and Silent Pool at the beginning of the month and a return trip to Runnymede Memorial Trail last weekend. 

The Walk to St Martha was lovely, with the added fun of walking through four seasons in one day! We had snow one minute and glorious sunshine the next! That’s Spring in the UK for you!

We had a bigger group than usual too, which meant the opportunity to chat to some new faces.

The weather is slowly improving here, and for the walk around Runnymede I was finally able to leave my coat at home!

A Busy Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a sociable one, with one of my client’s 40th Birthday parties on Good Friday, followed by a trip home to see my family. We were super lucky with the weather again, which meant I could relax outside in the sunshine. My white legs even made a rare appearance on the Saturday! 

Mum’s had a little wildlife pond in the garden for several years now, and every year we hope to see some pond life making it their home for the summer. 

Last year there was a newt, and this year Freddy the Frog has made it his home! 

Making My Home Feel More Like Home

I’ve been living in and around London now for almost seven years. In total. I’ve lived in four flats, including the one I’m currently living in. 

I’ve made ‘do’ over the years, spending very little money on accessorising wherever I’ve been living. Partly because I never know how long I’ll be staying somewhere and partly because I was waiting to get back on the property ladder.

However, with property prices still sky high, I’ve come to realise that I don’t NEED my own place. I’m happy renting for the time being, but renting didn’t mean living in a shell.

It felt like it was time to make my home feel more like a home.

I had a lot of ‘stuff’ that looked tired and other ‘stuff’ that was reminiscent of old me and not the 2022 me.

I’m gradually clearing the old stuff out and investing in some key pieces to make my flat feel more like me. 

Although I have a limited budget, it’s incredible how a few small changes can make all the difference. 

Within the next six weeks or so, I need to decide whether to stay in my flat for another year or two, or whether I’ll be looking for somewhere new to live. But wherever I go, at least I have a few new pieces to take with me that will instantly make any new place feel more like home.

Isabella Plantation

As well as heading out with my Meetup group last weekend, I also visited Richmond Park. I was a regular visitor to Richmond Park during lockdown but hadn’t been for a whole.

It was lovely to see the deer roaming around the park, but the main purpose of my visit was to go to the Isabella Plantation.

The Isabella Plantation is right in the heart of Richmond Park, and at this time of year, it comes alive with beautiful pinks and purples from the evergreen azaleas.

It really is a little piece of paradise on the edge of the city. 

Cup Finals

Despite no longer working for my old company in an official capacity, I’ve found myself helping out at their cup finals again this year.

With around 33 cup finals between March and May, it’s been a busy few weeks. I spent a long time working in the ‘negative’ side of football, so at least working at the cup finals means I get to see the positive side of the game.

New Clients

April has been a busy month workwise. I’ve taken on two new clients this month, which has been exciting. Although taking on new clients always comes with its challenges as you adapt to their ways of working. 

I’ve also said goodbye to one of my clients, as her business just isn’t set up for social media. I may still pick up some ad hoc work for her now and again, but with my client base picking up, saying goodbye has been easier to deal with than it could’ve been if that had happened a year ago. 

TEDx Kingston

In November last year, I booked tickets to go to my first ever TEDx event in Kingston. 

I’ve been watching TED and TEDx talks for years, but I’d never actually been to an event. 

The event, which finally went ahead yesterday after originally being scheduled for earlier this year, took place at The Rose Theatre in Kingston.

There were 12 talks from 12 incredible speakers talking about how #LifeFindsAWay.

I’m still trying to process the inspiring stories I heard yesterday, something I will no doubt end up writing about in more detail once it’s all sunk in, but for now, here are a few images taken at the event yesterday. 

As you can see, it’s been a busy old month! May looks set to be busy too, but thankfully, June brings another well needed week off work, and maybe, just maybe, there might be a flight abroad on the cards šŸ˜āœˆļø

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