Chocolate Memories

This post was originally published on 16th November 2019 and updated on 28th March 2021.

Chocolate brownies fill me with mixed emotions.

Whether I’m baking them or simply eating them, they fill me with a mixture of happiness and overwhelming sadness.

My best friend was the absolute queen of baking brownies. No-one else’s could ever compare.

Sadly, my friend died when we were just 28 years old.

She had always kept the recipe a secret whilst she was alive. Even to this day, I have no idea where the recipe came from. She loved baking them and she loved sharing them with her friends and family.

After she left us, her sister shared the recipe with her family and friends. By passing on the recipe, it would keep her memory alive in the most chocolatey way possible.

Every year since she passed family and friends, armed with the magic ingredients, cook brownies on her birthday, in memory of her. Her brownies are cooked all over the United Kingdom, and probably, by now, all around the world.

Whilst I won’t be giving away the recipe anytime soon, I can assure you that these are by far the best chocolate brownies to ever grace my kitchen!


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  1. I can’t imagine a better way to be remembered than having my special treat baked on my birthday. Your friend was an excellent baker by the looks of it. The brownies look moist and delicious!


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