My Top 5 Christmas Movies

With less than six weeks to go until Christmas Day, I’ve fully immersed myself into all things Christmas over the last few days!

We’re still be in lockdown here in the UK and there’s a lot of uncertainties as to how we will get to celebrate the festive season this year, but I’m not going to let the pandemic stop me from feeling Christmassy. I think it’s more important than ever to bring some magic into our lives.

So to get the festive season started, here are my Top 5 favourite Christmas movies to help get us all in the mood for the magic of Christmas.

The Holiday (2006)

Iris (Kate Winslet) lives in an adorable chocolate box cottage in the English countryside. Having been obsessed with her colleague Jasper Bloom for some time, her world comes crashing in on her when at the work Christmas party, she finds out Jasper has just got engaged to somebody else!

Amanda (Cameron Diaz) meanwhile, lives in LA and works in the movie industry. She too has had her fair share of crappy relationships.

In a bid to escape their everyday lives over the Christmas period, Amanda and Iris agree to swap houses for Christmas.

As the movie moves between Surrey and LA, both women seek to find themselves, but in doing so, can they both find true love in time for Christmas?

Jude Law and the hilariously charming Jack Black, join Cameron and Kate in this heartwarming love story. An absolute must-see for romance fans.

Mrs Miracle (2009)

Best known for his role in Dawson’s Creek, James Van Der Beek plays Seth, a widowed father who’s trying to juggle his day job with raising his twin boys, and doing a pretty bad job of it if the rate of nannies that have gotten through is anything to go by!

After the nanny agency runs out of new options, along comes Mrs Miracle, out of nowhere.

Not only does Mrs Miracle help Seth with things at home with the twins, but she also uses her ‘magic’ to find Seth a new love interest in Reba, who also has to step in to save the twin’s school play!

Mrs Miracle is an absolute must for any fans of Dawson’s Creek, and anyone who believes in the magic of Christmas.

Elf (2003)

Buddy, who is played by the insanely funny Will Ferrell, spent life growing up in the North Pole.

After crawling into a sack one Christmas Eve whilst Santa was delivering presents to an orphanage, Buddy finds himself being raised by Santa himself.

Whilst working in Santa’s workshop with the other much smaller elves, Buddy soon realizes he’s not quite like the other elves in the workshop.

One day, Buddy decides to travel to New York City to go and find his real father.

Walter Hobbs is on santa’s naughty list. He has no idea that Buddy was even born. He’s a cold and heartless man.

After Buddy arrives and brings some much needed festive spirit into Walter’s New York life, can Buddy convince Walter and his new family, that he really is his son?

Elf is a proper laugh out loud cheesy comedy. If you don’t like Will Ferrell this might not be for you, as he brings with him his usual goofiness. And there are some real cringe moments! But for anyone who is a big kid at heart, you will love this quirky, fun, Christmas movie.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Ok so this isn’t just one of my favourite Christmas movies, it’s hands down one of my favourite movies of all time. Every Christmas I dig out the DVD (I know I’m still old school!) and wrap my Christmas presents in the company of Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.

Set in wintery Chicago, Lucy (Sandra Bullock), is a train ticket seller, who dreams of visiting Venice, Italy. When she’s asked to work over Christmas because she’s the only employee with no family, she soon finds herself saving Peter’s life after he’s pushed onto the railway tracks by a group of thugs.

Following a misunderstanding at the hospital, everyone, including Peter’s family, believes that Lucy is, in fact, Peter’s fiancée!

Whilst Peter remains in a coma in hospital, Lucy soon finds herself falling in love with Peter’s family, and in true rom com style, they fall in love with her.

Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman are at their classic best in this heart-warming festive movie. If this doesn’t make you feel warm and magical, then I don’t think anything will!

A Christmas Carol (2009) and Jack Frost (1998)

Ok, so I know I said this was my Top 5, but I couldn’t choose between these two, so I had to include them both!

Now, I’m not a huge Jim Carrey fan, but his performance in A Christmas Carol is just spectacular. I’ve always loved the story of Scrooge and this animated version doesn’t disappoint.

Not only does it remind us of the true meaning of Christmas, but it also reminds us of the importance of family, and that money isn’t always the answer to happiness.

An absolute family Christmas classic.

Jack Frost is a heartbreaking story of a father who dies in a tragic car accident one Christmas. Jack (Michael Keaton) hasn’t always been around for his family when they’ve needed him, but after his untimely death, he comes back into his family’s life, as a snowman, in order to right his wrongs.

Father and son set out on an adventure to do all the things Jack had wanted to do with his son whilst he was alive.

But as the weather starts to warm, what will happen to Jack?

This a beautifully written, heartwarming, family, Christmas movie. Just make sure you have the tissues you to hand!

So there we have it, My Top 5 (cough 6!) Christmas Movies! A mixture of family classics, with a good dose of romance and a sprinkling of Christmas magic.

What are your favourite Christmas movies to curl up and watch on the sofa? Which movies are you most looking forward to watching this Christmas?


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  1. Shelly DS says:

    I’ve seen the holiday on many people’s lists but I’ve never actually watched it… guess that’s what I’m watching today 😊


  2. Letitgocoach says:

    I love Christmas movies!!! Started watching them a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the list! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the Snowman too Derek! In hindsight I really should’ve made this my Top 50 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ELF!! Best ever!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. henhouselady says:

    Good choice on 1 and 4
    I haven’t seen 3, But I will. All of these are good choices. I would have included White Christmas because of some wonderful childhood memories.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I need to try and watch some of the classics this year! I’m actually embarrassed to say that I’ve never seen White Christmas 🎄


      1. henhouselady says:

        It’s a Wonderful Life is mtastic.

        Liked by 1 person

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