Kenya – A Mountain to Climb

GIFTED| Kenya: A Mountain to Climb follows author Rod Wood, on his journey as he prepares for another life changing trip to Africa.

Five years on from his first trip to the African continent, during which he climbed Kilimanjaro, Rod leaves his fiancée Jane at home in Shropshire, whilst he goes off to seek adventure in Kenya, as he makes plans to climb Mount Kenya, followed by an unforgettable safari experience where he gets to see his beloved elephants in the wild.

As Rod recalls his journey, he gives his readers a fascinating insight into some of the problems facing Kenya today, covering everything from politics to global warming, gaining valuable insights into these problems from the likeable characters he meets on his travels.

Rod’s writing style has a degree of simplicity to it, but this just enhances the vulnerable charm with which Rod writes.

His passion for Kenya, his beloved Kilimanjaro, and the wildlife he encounters on safari, is present throughout.

I would highly recommend Kenya: A Mountain to Climb to anyone looking to travel to Kenya for the first time, for outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who has used travel to overcome mental health problems.

A great read, from an extremely likeable author.

Thank you to Book Printing UK for gifting me this book ☺️


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