Love and Relationship Musings

At the time of writing, I’m 36 years old, in a relationship, but have never been married and I am yet to have any children. As you’ll detect from my blog posts, I’m fairly undecided in having my own kids, although I do like the idea of adoption.

This collection of posts will take you through the ups and downs of my relationships over the last couple of years. A journey which takes us from immigration tribunals, break ups, and new beginnings.


  1. The Unknown
  2. Immigration Tribunal
  3. As one chapter comes to an end, another begins
  4. Love or Loyalty?
  5. Wedding Season
  6. Old Fashioned Romance with a Modern Day Twist
  7. Religion, Relationship and Reality
  8. Patience, Fate & Saying Things Out Loud
  9. Sparkle
  10. Honesty
  11. Freedom
  12. Valentines