Why I’m Spending This Year Doing Things I’ve Never Done Before

This year, I’m setting out on one big adventure.

Ahead of my 40th Birthday in December, I thought I’d set myself a little challenge. 

There’s some stuff that I’ve wanted to do for a while. So I thought, why not make it into a ‘thing’ in the lead-up to my BIG 40? 

It’s common for people to plan challenges for milestone birthdays. ’40 things before I’m 40′ seems to be a common one. But I honestly couldn’t think of 40 things I wanted to do! I feel lucky that, as an adult, I’ve barely said no to anything, which has led to some brilliant adventures both at home and abroad.

So instead, I’m aiming for ‘8-12 things to do before I’m 40’. I know it doesn’t sound quite as catchy, but I wanted to keep it realistic. Sometimes life gets in the way, and with this in mind goals and challenges need to be flexible.

So Why Do These Things In My 40th Year?

In all honesty, some things I would like to do while I’m still able to. 

The big thing of the year is the Three Peaks Challenge. I know if I don’t do this now, I may never do it. And that would make me sad.

The National Three Peaks Challenge involves tackling the three highest peaks in England (Scafell Pike), Scotland (Ben Nevis) and Wales (Snowdon). Over two consecutive days in September, I’ll be trekking around 26 miles and ascending a total height of almost 3,000m, probably without much sleep!  

Many years ago, I used to do a lot of hill walking and could cover a fair distance in a day. I completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and the Bronte Round for charity 15-17 years ago, respectively. 

I’ve walked up Snowdon a few times before. I stood at the base of Scafell Pike and thought, ‘one day’… But as for Ben Nevis, I’d be lying if I said he doesn’t scare me a little!

Making Dreams Come True

I’ve dreamt about the National Three Peaks Challenge for a long time, but something always held me back from booking it. But when I started to think seriously about the challenge, I knew I wanted to do it to raise money for charity. Having done charity walks in the past, I know how much the money raised can help good causes. I also knew that by booking it through a charity, I would get to do the challenge with a group of people raising money for a great cause and with the help of a support team who would look after the safety side of things. 

As someone who talks openly about their mental health and has sadly lost people who have had their own mental health battles, I felt it only right to choose Mind as my charity. 

I know times are tough, but if you feel as though you would like to contribute to this great cause and sponsor me, please click here.

It’s not just age that made me want to do these things in my 40th year. As a family, we have suffered a lot of grief recently. Some of those deaths have been people who have died far too young, and it’s reminded us all that we won’t be here forever and of the importance of living life while we’re still here and able to.  

Although The Three Peaks Challenge will probably be the most epic challenge of the year, not everything on my list will need as much preparation, planning and energy to complete!

These are some of the things on my list so far:

  • Go to a Sound Healing Meditation
  • Get a Reiki treatment
  • Visit the Royal Albert Hall
  • Go to the Opera
  • Walk over the O2
  • Have a paddleboard lesson
  • Take a big holiday
  • Go to the ballet
  • Go white water rafting
  • Eat at Duck & Waffle

I’m sure this list will change throughout the year, but it’s important to me that I keep it flexible, as there may be things I want to do that I just haven’t thought of yet!

Despite creating this list in a milestone year, I think every birthday is worthy of celebrating, however big or small the age and celebration.  

I ticked my first thing off my list today! Can you guess which one it was? Head back next week to find out if you were right!


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  1. C.A. Post says:

    In my 39th New Year’s Day I went with the Rhode Island Polar Bears into the Atlantic Ocean… for a fast dip in and run out! The “real” Polar Bears meet every Sunday at Easton’s Beach in Newport, RI (at least they did in the 80s), rain, shine, snow or heat! But every year a huge troop of interlopers gather with them on New Year’s Day and there were about 500 of us that day!! The real Polar Bears were warning everyone to not linger in the 30F (-1C) water!!! I did NOT need that warning. It took me a couple hours of changing bath water to keep it hot to feel comfortable again. It was an early bucket-list thing, and I am glad I did it, but won’t be going back into freezing water again in this life. 🤠
    The opera, ballet and Duck and Waffle sounds a lot more reasonable!!!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    1. Wow! That must’ve been an incredible experience though! I quite like a daily blast of cold water at the end of a shower, but 60 seconds is enough for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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