Fulham Palace House and Gardens

I started this 2019 promising myself more London adventures, visiting places not typically found on the main tourist trails.

I haven’t been out and about exploring as much as I would’ve liked lately, but with a day off today, despite the good old British weather, I decided to head out and explore a little corner of London I hadn’t visited before.

Fulham Palace

Despite being just over a mile from my workplace, I wasn’t even aware of its existence until I sat down with my Lonely Planet Guide to London last weekend.

Fulham Palace was the home of the Bishops of London from AD 704 until 1973 when the last Bishop moved out.

The house and gardens are now open to the public.

With free entry, a delightful cafe and small, but perfectly formed gardens, if you’re looking for something to do to kill a couple of hours, Fulham Palace House & Gardens is definitely worth adding to your London Bucket List.

Gothic Lodge
Gothic Lodge
Entrance to the Palace
West Tudor Court
Fulham Palace Gardens
Walled Gardens
Walled Gardens
The Chapel
Autumnal display in the Greenhouse
Market Barrow
Cake in the Drawing Room Cafe

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