Virginia Water Lake

What better way to start a week off work in August than a day out in the rain!

Not one to be deterred by a spot of the wet stuff, yesterday, I loaded up my rucksack, cramming in my waterproof, and headed out in my trusty little fiesta, down the A3 towards Virginia Water.

Virginia Water itself is a small town just outside London, nestled in the Surrey countryside. Thought to be one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, Virginia Water is home to the likes of Cliff Richard, television presenter Kirsty Gallagher, golfer Nick Faldo, and cricket legend Kevin Pietersen. It was also formally the home of Elton John, and the late Bruce Forsyth. So you can see why it’s one of the most expensive places to live! As I drove towards the lake, which lies on the western side of the town, I had to force myself to look at the road and not the huge houses which lined the road side.

Having never been to Virginia Water or the lake before, I was looking forward to having a bit of an explore.

Virginia Water Lake

Before I set off, I had seen beautiful pictures online of the cascade waterfall. So once I had parked up, I set off in the direction of the cascade.

Sadly, my timing wasn’t great! As I walked towards the waterfall, I could see a family standing nearby who looked less than impressed. As I walked around the corner, I could see why…the waterfall was dry. Not even a little trickle appeared over the rocks. It was still a pleasant enough feature, and definitely a reason to head back in the winter months.

From the cascade, I continued to walk around the lake, and next, came across some roman ruins. The Roman ruins of Leptis Magna originated in Libya and were brought to the UK in 1817. Whilst looking a little out of place in rural Surrey, they certainly had a presence about them. It may’ve just been the impending deluge of rain creating the strange atmosphere, but I definitely sensed I wasn’t alone there…

After creeping myself out at the ruins, it was time to continue my walk.

As the heavens opened, I took shelter under a tree waiting for the rain to ease, giving me time to take in my surroundings, and enjoy thoughts of how a good old British summer isn’t complete without rain and an outing for the waterproof.

With the rains easing, I continued along the route.

I hadn’t intended on walking around the entire lake, however, around every bend, there was something else intriguing to look at.

4 1/2 miles later, I had walked around the lake in its entirety, thankfully drying out by the time I reached the cafe at the end, which is situated by the main car park, ready to dive into the yummiest lemon muffin.

Whilst it cost a fair amount to park for the few hours I was there (£7.50 for up to 3 hours!), the cafe is inexpensive, and the walk is beautiful, even in the rain.

I look forward to heading back in the colder months, to see the leaves changing colour, and hopefully to see the waterfall in all it’s glory.


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