Time to unsubscribe

Over the last few weeks my emails have been mounting up.

Unusually, not my work ones, which finally seem to be under control after nearly 4 years into the job!

My personal emails however, have become ridiculous.

I have two email accounts. One which I’ve had for years, and one which I use for all things blogging.

Watching the number of unread emails slowly creep up to 100 was starting to make my head hurt.

Then when I checked this morning, I had around 130.

It was time to take action and de-clutter my inbox (and free up my mind as a result).

First of all I needed to decide whether to delete or unsubscribe from mailing lists. This was easier than I expected. After all, having let my emails go unread for so long would suggest that the emails weren’t that important.

So 135 emails later, I have now unsubscribed from around 15 mailing lists which made up around 85% of my emails.

The remaining 15% I have spent some time reading and actioning before deleting.

And now, I’m pleased to say, I have an empty inbox and a much happier mind!


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