Muddled Mind

My mind has been all over the place this week. I’ve been struggling to write, starting a number of blogs but unable to find the right words.

I was relieved to have some alone time this weekend. I needed some space and time to think, reflect and to soak up the late October sunshine.

I headed to the local market yesterday, thinking I would stop by to look for some upcoming birthday presents. The market was celebrating its own Birthday so it was busier than normal, and not the right place to try to clear my mind. The hustle and bustle would have to wait for another weekend. So instead, I headed off to the local common. The weather was beautiful. I found myself an autumnal tree and spread out next to it, soaking up the rays and enjoying a bite to eat.

I had a pootle around a few shops before heading home for a quiet, relaxing evening.

Today I woke up feeling a bit more adventurous, considering I hadn’t slept well this was nothing short of a miracle. I started to look at my bucket list. I wanted to go somewhere that would look beautiful in the October sun, but somewhere I hadn’t been before. Nothing on my bucket list took my fancy, so I started to flick through Instagram and found a saved link to Holland Park. I had wanted to go for sometime but kept forgetting to add it to my list. As I looked at the warm sunshine outside, I realised it would be a perfect day to go.

My only disappointment…why on earth hadn’t I been before?

It was beautiful.

As soon as I entered into the park (from the entrance nearest to Holland Park underground station), it took my breath away.

The park entrance is walled, and as you walk through the gate, its like stepping into another world.

As I walked further into the park, the scene became more and more autumnal. The Acers almost stole the show. That is until I stumbled across the Kyoto Garden, which quite simply took my breath away. I have never felt the urge to visit Japan, but if their gardens are anything like the one here in Holland Park, then Japan is also now firmly on my bucket list. The colours were spectacular, and despite the large number of tourists trying to get that perfect Instagram shot, it was surprisingly peaceful.

As I sauntered back to the underground, after a good couple of hours exploring the Park, my mind felt much calmer and more peaceful than it had earlier on in the weekend.

As I get older, I am so grateful to have a much better understanding of my mind. I am much more in tune with it these days, knowing when I need to take time out, reducing the chaos around me, and simply just being.

As I sit in my front room enjoying the last of the days light, which is slowly fading outside the window, I know I can now move into the working week with a clearer, calmer mindset. The issues causing my mind to be muddled haven’t gone away, but with a clearer mind, even these don’t seem as daunting.

(Photos taken today at Holland Park)

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  1. Beautiful photos and place! Nothing like a good explorative walk to ease the mind 🙂

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    1. Becky says:

      Thank you so much for your comments. I think we often forget, or don’t even realise how many beautiful green spaces are on our doorsteps. It’s great to know that after a busy working work, there are plenty of opportunities, even within the city, to escape to a quiet green space to give our minds some much needed TLC

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