My Notebook

I have been carrying a notebook with me for a while now.

Even pre-blog.

I have always loved writing, but I’ve never known what direction to take this in.

Fresh out of university I dabbled with the idea of becoming a travel writer.

I loved the thought of travelling the world and writing about the places I visited. However, I quickly stumbled across a few set backs. Firstly, I didn’t have the money to travel, therefore limiting the places I could write about (although the new adventurous me probably would’ve found local places to visit and write about, rather than looking to jump straight into travelling the more distant world). Secondly, I holidayed in the French Alps one winter, came home, wrote about my experiences and sent my work to a Snowboard Magazine. I heard nothing…

The younger, less confident me, decided to park that idea there and then, and I haven’t written about travel since.

Even during university I loved to write. Whether it was essays or my dissertation, I could write thousands of words about the most mundane subject, because once I start writing, I just can’t stop. Exams on the other hand are a whole other issue. If I could’ve completed all my education in essay form, I am certain I would’ve come away with more than average grades.

I have always wondered whether I have a book in me somewhere. I love romance. One of my favourite authors is Freya North. But how could I ever compete with someone as inspiring as Freya? She writes so brilliantly and makes the reader feel as though they are there, in the room her characters, silently watching, not daring to breath for fear of being caught or seen. I have this romantic image of sitting in a weather battered cottage by the sea, with a couple of four legged friends by my side while I write my bestseller…

It was only recently that Ali suggested I started to write a blog. And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. As I sat through my coaching sessions with Beth from Transforment, I realised that my head was quite muddled, and I started to wonder whether I needed to offload some of this into properly constructed written words, sentences and paragraphs. I also started to wonder whether it would help me to write about the loss of my friend, as I wasn’t able to grieve properly at the time, perhaps writing down some of my thoughts and feelings would help.

So back to my notebook…

I carry this with me everywhere. It comes to work with me, it travels between London and Northampton in my bag, it comes with me to see friends, as I take walks around London, as I visit the fabulous sites London has to offer.


Because when I am feeling inspired by something I have seen, something I am feeling, or something else I have experienced, I have to write it down. Many of the musings I have written so far, have started from a couple of words jotted on a page when I have been on my lunch break, or as was the case this week, on a train to visit a friend.

The notes I write rarely become the full story, and as with Change (part 2), the words that finally appeared in my blog were quite different to those I had written on the train. But they do form the backbone of my ideas and help to build the story I want to tell.

I still have no idea where my writing will take me, but it is certainly helping me to reflect, to clear my mind, and to enjoy something that doesn’t seem like hard work.

In a world where I hate the sound of my alarm clock most weekdays, at the weekends and on my days off, I find myself excited to get up early, before the rest of the flat wakes, to see what journey my writing is going to take me on that day.

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